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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 13, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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fire all four. are you serious? i'm waiting. make it rain. ♪ bullseye. four flavors. four shapes. new cheetos mix ups. >> you are looking at live picture of the bay bridge. tonight the investigation is widening into broken bolts on the new eastern span four under construction. good evening. federal experts are now working with cal-trans. they want to know why bad bolt got used on the new bridge and how they can be repaired or replace entered
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a way that guarantees the bridge is safe once it opens. the story tonight from 7 news transportation reporter heathe heather. >> so far 32 bolt have broken and there is a 10 million dollar retrofit planned for them. but there are about 2300 similar bolts elsewhere on the bridge including 4 24 at the base of the signature tower. 24 foot rod are like these removed from the bridge and taken to a cal-trans lab for testing. but those in the tower base are already encased in contract and inaccessible so unmostly clear how checked. >> i don't know the exact test. it's part of ongoing review and investigation and once we have all the results from that we will provide that information. >>reporter: cal tras says the that failed rods broke because of embrittled. a panel place from the goat now joined by the federal highway administration in checking cal-trans conclusions and testing plans.
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uc berkeley materials engineer specialize ins fracture mechanic and glad cal-trans asked federal investigators to join in. >> i think the oversight is important here i really do. it involves 2 or 3 agency and independent boards this is sufficiently important i think. this is dangerous situation. >>reporter: rod at the base of the tower are designed to control movement in an earthquake. richie says what is particularly troublesome about the rods is that they can break with no warning. >> these material are if they can just break catastrophically and that's the worst thing you ever want to see. bend a little bit first. you have some warning. >>reporter: cal-trans realize the public trust in the work has been shaken but commuter larry is optimistic. >> i think they get it to go. you have fantastic engineer and people at cal-trans and even gets nervous if one little glitch but magazine knife pwrivrj. they will figure it out. >> the meeting where cal-trans
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hopes to commit to or cancel the planned labor day weekend opening. on treasure island, abc 7 news. >> all right let's turn next to missing 9-year-old girl. miss lynch goes to school in san francisco. some of her teachers now joined the search in clear lake. that's where she was reported missing yesterday afternoon. 7 news reporter wayne with what may have scared her off. this is the center of the search. place it all began vacation home surrounded by water on both sides. family communicating only through the police chaplain. the family would like to express gratitude to all the hundreds of people helping to find their daughter. they want to thank you for respecting the privacy during the difficult time. >> here's what the parents told authorities. >> that she was in an enclosed yard. there was some sort of distraction i believe a bee in the yard. the younger brother
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opened the gate. went inside when they came back the daughter was missing. police describe mykala as severely autistic. one of the kid who break 43 and runs and runs and runs. today her teacher from sunset elementary in san francisco joined the search. >> she's very inquisitive and likes to explore and climb and just kind of part of who she is. >> on the theory that mykala could be anywhere searchers pasted posters everywhere and gone national. hundreds of people lacking on the ground and more than 2 dozen on the water. it's a challengeen unlike any that clear lake has had the as long as anyone can remember. >> what are the complications of looking for someone who is non-verbal doesn't rae respond to being called. >> the obvious one where she's not going to respond to her name of being called. it makes it more of a l khaeng even though it's a body of a 9-year-old juvenile. actually
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searching for somebody that is much younger than that. >> younger and exceedingly innocent. volunteers have continued to the arrive throughout the day hoping to lend a hand in finding mykala. as one said to me, we will be hear all night if necessary. from clear lake, abc 7 news. >> father of 12-year-old boy suspected of killing his 8-year-old sister said today he's standing by his son. miss fowler killed april 27 in the bedroom at the if county home. on saturday brother arrested for homicide. the face is blurred because he is a minor. father says until evidence proves his son did this, he will continue to believe the boy is innocent. the brother initially reported that a tall gray haired man stabbed the girl which led to massive man hunt. people in the small town of valley springs have mixed feelings about this arrest. >> i never would guess it was him. >> i had suspicion it may have
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been him and i think a lot of people did. >> he was always like one of the kids to be in trouble. >> because the brother is under the age of 14 prosecutors can not charge him as an adult. >> last week fatal accident aboard an america's cup catamaran fueling speculation about the impact that will have on the event. 72 foot vessel broke apart on the bay last week killing olympic medallist andrew simpson. but it seems the tragedy could have a positive impact on the event. 7 news reporter mark matthews with the story that a lot of people quite frankly don't want to talk about. >> pictures of the racing yacht flashed around the world. stories of what happened i every major paper network newscast. so much attention that organizers felt compelled to hold a news conference this past friday to help ease the pressure of questions on the team members. more than 1 reporter asked if simpson death and collapse of the yacht could cause the event to be cancelle
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cancelled. >> what i see was nothing is off the table. we look at what happens. >>reporter: the ceo said everything is on the table and reality shaping up to be something less open ended. new class of america cup yacht not done in the time remaining as for cancelling the event experts i spoke with say it isn't going to happen. >> i don't see that. a lot of planning. a lot of people involve. dollars on the table. >>reporter: steve is an executive v p of i am good. sports marketing firm that advised san francisco in the early negotiations over the cup. asked him what impact the accident will have on the event. >> it draws people in. unfortunately sort of the nascar model. >>reporter: after dale crashed in the daytona 500 more people tuned in. >> that draws people in. wow! this is amazing. i can't believe there is a car acciden accident. whatever it may. so dramatic and does attract people. >>reporter: it's not what you will hear from the mayor. i asked him about the impact the accident will have as excited
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as we are for the race i think safety is no. 1 concern and we'll all be paying attention to that. >>reporter: the fact that more people are paying attention to the event after the accident is not a topic of politician or the team or the organizers want to touch. tragic accident is no less tragic for having raised the event profile. i asked head of the organizing committee who has led the private fundraising for the america cup what he has heard of suggesting that the boat should be changed or event postponed. >> quite the opposite in everything i have heard. peeked interest in the boats and this kind of racing and i think we see more more interest in making sure it happens in a positive way. >>reporter: tomorrow all teams all 4 of them will gather to hear the latest on the investigation and to discuss safety concerns. organizers will then meet with reporters at 2:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon to discuss the progress in the investigation. reporting outside the america cup compound here on pier 27, this is 7 news. >> big team hoping to win the
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superbowl here in the bay area and bring it to us in the year, the 50th celebration of the superbowl or maybe the 51st have announced big plans to try to woo the nfl owners to get the 26 team superbowl here. carolyn tyler has new details now on the strategic plan being made now to woo those owners. >> wide case like this is now in the hands of every nfl owner. you are getting a glimpse of the unprecedented way san francisco is trying to score a superbowl. no big book of paperwork like rival miami unveiled during the press conference. >> we thought it would be reflective of the bay area spirit of innovation. silicon valley exploratorium. putting on an i-pad mini. >> they celebrated the bid that includes the promise of tee time for the league owner at pebble beach and private dinner with a celebrity chef. miami
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has released sketches showing floating night club on the bay. zip line t marina. football field on an aircraft carrier. that party town has hosted the superbowl 10 times before. even though the florida legislature recently hurt the bid by revving money to renovate miami stadium, san francisco mayor isn't counting them out. >> we take nothing for granted. >>reporter: san francisco bid calls for what known as the nfl experience. to begin along the embarcadero by the ferry building and end at moscone i center. where there will be an indoor football theme park. the game itself of course would be played at the state of the art stadium in santa clara. that will be completed next year. with construction ahead of schedule so is fundraising. today the bay area bid committee announced it's already raised 30 million dollars in pledges for more than 20 companies to help host the game. 25% of the proceeds will go to local charities.
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>> there was a no brainer for many company that come on and join the gap and google and apple and the hewlett-packard and yahoo and intel and the the gates of the world and i could go on and on. >>reporter: the 30 million dollar is twice what they expected they would have at this point in the game. he thinks it will cost about 40 million to host the superbowl song continues. in san francisco along the embarcadero, abc 7 news. >> still to come. this monday evening abc 7 news has new evidence that marin county oyster farm has been the victim of what some call scientific misconduct on the part of the u.s. government. >> haven't you done enough. >> protestors versus protestor. planting crop turn up the seed of anger today. >> spencer is hereweather. >> here in the weather center inland warm-up tomorrow. but
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temperatures will plummet towards the end of the week. i have the accu-weather 7 day forecast come up shortly. >> this the is literally the most creative place in the city on friday or saturday night. >> and san francisco is now [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. surprise mom with gorgeous tulips. 10 stem bunches are just $5.99. starbucks coffee is $7.77. that's a price you can savor. and honey nut cheerios are just a buck-eighty eight. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
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>> power of the people. >> you are ordinaryed to leave the property medley. failure to do so may result in fines, arrest and prosecution. >> in the east bay protest in albany continues tonight hours after the demonstrators removed from piece of land owned by the university of california. at about 5 this evening protestors returned to guild track as it's called. there against the university using the land for grocery chain. protestors were not just met by police but also by people would were protesting the protest. they are tired of the group occupying that land. >> most of the people don't want this to go on here. we
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want the democratic way we voted to have development of this land and they are trying to stop it. >>reporter: protestors replanted can crop on the land this ehis morning arrested 4 people at guild track and used a tractor to remove crop that were planted over the weekend. but it goes on. >> new charges tonight that the national park service and u.s. geological survey falsified data to make local oyster farm look bad. drake bay located in western marin county as we have reported to you this is not the first time the federal government has been accused of scientific misconduct in the case. >> these are hidden camera photo taken by the national park service. 300,000 pictures showing drake bay oyster company over three years time. the park service says they proof the farm is disturbing harbor seal at the point reyes national see shore. park service reported the farm had a moderate adverse impact on the seals but the scientist who did the research actually found the
9:17 pm
opposite. they turned that completely around and they misquoted him and said he did find disturbance. >> the doctor is a member of the national academy of scienc sciences biologist and vocal critic of the national park service. good man poured through documents obtained from the from the freedom information act and stewart view the image for the usgs and concluded they were not disturbing the seals but he changed his find goes to just the opposite and listed him as an author even though he wasn't. good man wants newly appointed secretary of the interior jewel to investigate. >> to look at this and report back in very transparent way to the public was the secretary duped? did scientist at the usgs national park service commit misconduct and in fact was the decision misinformed by both side. >> park service accused before of isting theacts
9:18 pm
inspector gem of the department of interior said they were exaggerating claims. the national academy of scientist said they selectively presented over interpreted or misrepresented the available scientific information. another inspector general investigators found park employee mishandled research. >> park service never responded to our request for comment on this. usgs says it won't comment because of ongoing litigation. oyster company in federal court tomorrow trying to reverse the secretary of interior decision to close the farm. we'll report back to you what transpires. let's move open to the weather forecast. spencer is here. hope had you a happy mother's day. beautiful weekend we had and off to good start. >> great weekend. today lovely day. tomorrow will be even warmer than today in our inland location. big cool down coming later in the week. really sharp one. rate now though if you look at live doppler 7 hd you can see clouds have moved away from the coast line. we have clear skies coast.
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he baynland as well. look back at coyote tower right now live from the high definition roof top camera at abc 7. current temperature readings 57 in san fr59 isc oakw 62 san jose another live view from the south beach camera downtown san francisco looking along the well lighted bay bridge and under clear skies we have got 70 grease in santa rosa. 63 in livermore. 67 in fairfield. and live view at the golden gate bridge. we give you a look at the forecast feature. fog redeveloping at the coast. pushing locally inland tonight. but may happen much later tonight. sunny breezy tomorrow the afternoon. we have much cooler weather by thursday. maybe even some showers. satellite radar come couple weather systems head our way and organized front out to sea. weak impulse north right now and this will signal the beginning of the cooler pattern that will really assert itself later in the week. but for tonight don't expect very cool conditions.
9:20 pm
we see a little bit of fog here and there and low pressure mainly in the low 50's. inform start the forecast animation 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. fog clears away quickly early morning hours so sunnyky close to. a little breezy along the coast. high pressure there only in the upper 50's to low 60's. we see 70's up to near 80 around the bay and 80's to low 90's in the warmest inland location. let's start in the south bay. l high mainly in the upper 70's but we see mid 80's at los gatos. morgan hill. 78 at san jose to. peninsula 76 high redwood city and down in mountain view 75 menlo park. on the coast breezy. cool. high of 58 at pacifica. 61 at half moon bay. downtown san francisco 66 degrees tomorrow. 60 in the sun set district. nice and warm-up in the north day. high of 83 at santa rosa. 85 at clover dale. 82 at napa and calistoga. on the east bay look for high up to 71 at berkeley. 72 hayward. 75 at fremont. a little breezy along
9:21 pm
the bayshore line there. inland east bay will be our warmest region and bay area tomorrow with high pressure up to 90 at antioch. 91 at brentwood. 86 livermore. 87 at fairfield and here is the accu-weather 7 day forecast. look at the khangs change in our pattern. by thursday friday inland high only in the low 70's. we see upper 60's around the bay. low to mid 50's on the coast and the chance of some sprinkle on thursday. we are not talking major rainfall hear but mid may rainfall any way all sort of unusual then we have a little bit of a warm-up over the weekend by sunday monday inland high back up to near 90 degree degrees. >> let's hope we get some real rain. need every drop. >> thanks spencer. >> coming up next. getting rid of an eye sore and the traffic of an[ male announcer ]traffic at montrose pet hospital,
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. >> north bay all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. >> what should have been a routine implosion in australia did not go quite as planned. 220 pounds of explosives used by demolition team was not enough to bring down a silo yesterday. in south west of brings ban. tilted to one side for 40 minutes. the leaning silo of red bank. finally took crew using heavy equipment to push it over and knock it down. >> city of san jose stopping traffic to eradicate eye sore. starting tonight the city will close portions of highway 101 near old oakland road and surrounding streets to get rid of graffiti. 7 news reporter david explains how the cleanup has become a huge group effort. not the image san jose wants on one of the busiest freeway
9:26 pm
in the bay area. yet this graffiti has been here for as long as anyone can remember. >> it does encourage or at least give the impression that the criminal element is more free to be at ease in san jose and we definitely don't want to send that message. >> however the problem is san jose has no jurisdiction. overpass a trestle owned by the union pacific railroad and cal-trans. council member says union pacific or u p has not been cooperative. >> make all of us lack bad. city look bad because rather than think we are not doing anything about it when in reality we have a lot of obstacle one of which is this. >> city got the state and the railroad on board to remove the graffiti process that will involve some lane closure on highway 101 overnight. cal-trans already installed new fencing to discourage tagger from painting new graffiti once removed. >> they have put up future ta tagger from getting on the bridge but the hope is we can
9:27 pm
see that come through and scheduling with cal-trans on more regular basis way in which we can eliminate graffiti in the future. >> san jose has been working hard to eliminate graffiti and enlisting the help to do clean up. >> san jose has smart phone app to encourage citizens to reports when they see graffiti and to take a picture at the same time. >> but next trestle for clean up stands highway 280 at bird avenue. this one is oynd by amtrak and cal-trans. city plans to keep pressuring union pacific to clean up sound wall in south san jose. >> in san jose david lou abc 7 news. >> targeting the tea party from the white house to capitol hil hill? tensn io. secret revalued and just about everyone is angry. >> if you have got the irs operating in anything less than a neutral way, then that is outrageous. >> if major take down. coming up. connection between
9:28 pm
terrorists and luxury handbag. >> oj back in court. why he believes he deserves new trial 4 years after his armed robbery conviction. stay with us.
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subpoena. >> good evening once again. we start this half hour with president obama pledging action on those questionable irs audi audits. agency is accused of sipping licensing out the tea party and other conservative groups. hearing is now set for friday. abc news all righter jonathan karl is on the story. >> it's a movement based on the belief that every day americans have reason to fear the power of their own government.
9:32 pm
that's what jennifer a mom and conservative activity frist philadelphia said she confronted when she was grilled by the irs after trying to start her own tea party group. >> they would ask me details and i got a baby on one arm trying to feed another baby and trying to figure out how many e-mail difficult send last wee week. you see the level of detail they wanted. how many e-mails did you send. what were they. how many rally did you go to. how many event. >>reporter: extra scrutiny turns out many other conservative groups have faced over the past three years when trying to register as tax exempt organizations. ultimately had she gave up. >> chilling effect on all of u us. >>reporter: walker and carol founded a group called the waco tea party in texas and also faced a lengthy interrogation from the irs. >> when i opened it up and started reading the letter and saw the 5 pages of question after question after question i didn't know whether to laugh or cry or throw somet
9:33 pm
apologized for inappropriately targeting tea party groups. they have also said the targe targeting was done by employee in the sins natural field office. and not for political reasons. but report by the irs own watch dog shows that senior irs officials in washington knew what was going on. report also suggest a mostly clear political dimension. targeting conservative groups for extra scrutiny. even those that quote criticize how the country is being run. 4 years ago president obama joked about sicking the irs on people when he gave commencement address at arizona state university and didn't get an honorary degree. >> president crow and board of regent will soon learn about being audited by the irs. >>reporter: today he made it clear if true this is no laughing matter. >> that is out remain us. it is contrary to our traditions. and people have to be held accountable and it has to be fixed. >>reporter: how high did it g go?
9:34 pm
the irs said the acting commissioner found out about it back in may 2012 when he was the deputy commissioner. as for the president the white house said he didn't learn about any of this until friday when the story began to break. jonathan karl abc news the white house. >> let me turn your attention to counterfeit goods that are flooding the market and helping fund terrorism all around the world. brandy hit went along on an exclusive bus to the lap lapd. >>reporter: with full force of the lapd and fbi, officers swarm this building in los angeles. lacking for counterfeit crook selling fake luxury purses. >> we recovered under 1 million dollars worth of product. >>reporter: estimated counterfeit product rake in 650 billion dollars a year worldwide. and all cash business. officers say some of it funds gangs organized crime and much more. >> does fund terrorism. it's out of control. >>reporter: former fbi agent
9:35 pm
brad garrett says counterfeit sales have been tied to financing the first world trade center bombing. the 9/11 attacks. hezbollah. >> low probability you are going to get caught. if you d do, even lower probability you are going to do any time. >>reporter: and most of these bogus bag are made and shipped in from china. this batch worth 14 million dollars was seized by the port of los angeles in february. >> over 14,000 containers come in to our port every single day. only certain percentage of that is being inspected. >>reporter: detectives say the one that slip through end up on line or make shift shops like these. in this unit they found a secret door when law enforcement busted awe through they found another room full of counterfeit gear. >> as the private firm investigative consultant inventory then store the evidence here, these 2 men were booked on felony charges. detective say ultimately it's up to shoppers to stop this crime wave. >> always a consumer demand. guess what. always seller. >>reporter: los angeles back
9:36 pm
to you. >> in minnesota governor tomorrow is expected to sign a bill making same sex marriage legal in his state. state senate passed a bill today. minnesota would become the 12th satellite allow same sex coupl couples to marry. >> oj simpson asking for new trial in the robbery and kidnapping case that sent him to prison in 2008. simpson serving time for holding up 2 sports memorabilia dealers while trying to retrieve what he thought were personal momento that belong to him. simpson claims the lawyer who represented him at the time had a conflict of interest because he knew in advance about the plan to get that stuff back and could have been called as a witness to the crimes. while prison has certainly taken its toll here is today. 4 years ago when he was convicted and in 1995 the day he was acquitted of the murder of nicole brown simpson and her friend. >> if dr. joyce brothers died. popular psychologist turned
9:37 pm
columnist was a pioneer of television radio advice and shows. celebrity took off after she entered the popular television quiz show it 64,000 dollar question. she died in new york city today at the age of 85. good for you and good for the world. united nations latest weapon in the fight against both hunger and global warming. 7 news at 9:00 wlook at them kids. 9:00 [ sigh ] they have no idea what it was like before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that. one time, i had to wait half a day to watch a movie. you watched movies?! i was lucky if i could watch a show. show?! man, i was happy to see a sneezing panda clip! trevor, have you eaten today? you sound a little grumpy. [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices
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>> praise yourself. united nations wants you to eat more bugs. the agency says edible insects are low fat high protein food for people pets and live stochblingt un says eating bug will reduce green house gas emission. they are everywhere obviously.
9:41 pm
reproduced quickly and leave a low environmental footprint. wasp and beetle particularly under utilized. quick comparison. caterpillarer 28 grams of protein and 26 milligram of iron. grass hopper and pwooelingts more than 30 million gram of calciu calcium. all favor better than beef two bill people already supplement the die wet insect. now united nations concedes that increasing that number will be difficult in western country as people if place like this have more aversion to eating insects. i suspect that's quite true. and on that note the high cost of beef behind mcdonald's plans to add 3 new quarter pounders to the menu. they will replace the angus burger which are third of a pound are meaty and more expensive. major set back for facebook. remember last month facebook launched new phone the htc? first pre-loaded with a series
9:42 pm
of mobile app. million people down loaded the app but only 15,000 bought the phone. at&t has marked it down to 99 cents and just plan to discontinue it all together. a flop. >> about 2 hours ago a space capsule descended safely by parachute on a field in kazakstan. took several minutes just to get the there's naught out of the capsule. >> about okay. right leg. slowly. slowly. pull him. about okay. okay. turn him over. there we good. >> he's smiling. everybody is okay. translator describing the process for astronaut tom marsh burn he and canadian hat field and russia roman were on
9:43 pm
the international space station for 143 days. now become on -- 146 days i'm sorry. now back on terra firm a. new era of innovation. just ahead. general rails of inventor comes together to create products that may some day become every day items that we use all the
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[ roars ] ♪ [ male announcer ] universal studios summer of survival. ♪ if. >> fit dozens of inventor meeting in san francisco. not computer programmers but people who build things. they are showing off the brand new
9:47 pm
products to investors and this weekend you will see some of those on display at maker fair in san mateo. as jonathan explains it's all part of a movement that is sweeping the bay area. movement that has people putting down their lap top and picking up power tools. >> he's not mario or luigi but he's hoping to earn lots of coin and one up the competition with these hanging lamps. >> they are a bit of video game nostalgia. inspired by super mario brother. >> they already sold 1,000 of these. now working on the next product. >> illuminated sign technology. it's more energy efficient than knee on. >> wasn't long agatha adam never made anything. he's part of is what called the maker movement. may have heard of maker fair. carnival of i hope convention and do it yourself project. but you may not have heard about this shop where the makers hang out the other 3 63 days of the year. folk here will tell you the real spark flying through the air aren't the ones you can see. they
9:48 pm
share tool but also ideas. >> i love being here in san francisco on a friday or saturday night. because this is literally the most creative place in the city in those evenings. >> mark is the head of tech shop that started few years ago and now has 4000 members who pay a monthly fee to use all of this. >> the tools of the industrial revolution are now cheaper thanf human history. >>reporter: during the industrial revolution they didn't have these. >> basically hot glue gun on steroid. >>reporter: print that's spit out prototype before your very i.big 3d printer invented here. >> awful lot of things you can make if you make them this big. >>reporter: driven by software that people can learn. >> ving before was 15 week of school to learn design program. we teach it here in 3 hours. >>reporter: for some it starts as hobby quite by accident it turns in a business. that's when they wind up here. >> inventor of. >>reporter: pitching the product to fellow makers at the
9:49 pm
san francisco hardware meet out. >> flip it over and fold it and a shoe appears. >>reporter: they hoped to get 10 people. >> now 200 people here kind of crazy. >>reporter: the steady growth to crowd funding like kick starter and raise money for project without having to go through investors. >> investors still not super into this. some coming up and not huge. the crowd is certainly the ones most funding seems to come 40. >> once you get the money the real work begins. >> we have raised over 400,000 dollars. >>reporter: all the dollars pre-orders for the light product he's still making one at a time by hand. now he has to go if making to manufacturing. >> i have a game plan. that's why i give buffer time the meet deet mandy. >>reporter: not everyone has a game plan. >> i see the sounder trying to get the products out the door overwhelmed. they know nothing about manufacturing. they don't have the manpower to deliver and they end up kind of upsetting the backer.
9:50 pm
>>reporter: let kick start tore lay down new strict rules for hardware limiting large orders and requiring image to be of a working prototype. xd that hasn't slowed down willis with the folding kayak. >> 25 prototype. >>reporter: small potatoes compared to what tommy get thanksgiving el met approved by the fda. some says making is an art dna and only natural driven to do. >> people spend most of the day sending e-mails and moving bits around a screen i think the prospect of making something tangible is really exciting. >>reporter: in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> pretty cool stuff they are doing. let's go back and update the weather. >> why is this man smiling? because i like the weather coming our way. clear sky from coast to inland. here's how things shaping up tomorrow. state wide sunny skies from top to bottom. high pressure in the 90's at chico sacramento fresno 106 down in palm
9:51 pm
springs. 80 los angeles. here in the bay area tomorrow warmer day than today. we see inland high up around 90 degrees in the warmest location. 70's up to about 80 around the bay and upper 50's to low 60's on the coast and here's look at our temperature trend. high pressure trend for the week and a half downtown san jose. won't see a dip in temperatures around the bay area on thursday friday especially in san jose high only in the upper 60's but temperatures start to climb back on saturday and by sunday monday high will be back in the 80's if san jose. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. for the whole bay area. we will all see temperatures drop on thursday and friday. maybe rain drop on thursday. but we warm-up again over the weekend by next monday inland high back to 90 degrees. >> thank you spencer very much. >> larry off. mike is here and last year we had great sports with the giants and 49ers. this year the sharks and warriors good city. both back in business tomorrow night tuesday and series we preview both. a's back home and milestone home run for the milestone home run for the franchise
9:52 pm
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00 o'clock. thousands of dna kit like this one sit on shelves all over the bay area containing clue from dangerous crimes but most are never tested. abc 7 news i team investigates valuable evidence overlooked. >> also ejected for singing the song that got a woman tossed off a plane. those stories and much more coming up tonight at 11:00. that song that we would sing on a plane. >> that's right. >> if pwaichbility a's happy to be home after road trip that they struggled 3 and 7 losing the last 6 of the last 7. facing the american league west leading rangers first time this season and a's hope to cut in the 6 game lead. lacking nervous. about griffin solid. 7 innings. allowed just one run struck out 8. aj plenty of runs support. 4th inning. grim and he was grim after the
9:56 pm
shot to dead center. seventh of the year but he left the game with a stomach virus. next batter. moss see you. also dead center the 7000 home run in oakland a history and a's roll on to 5-1 victory. >> all right new darlings of the nba play offs. your golden state warriors on the way to san antonio game 5 against the spurs with the pivotal game in the series. game tomorrow night and it will be crucial. warriors win they have a chance to close it out at home on thursday. golden state talk of the league. nobody thought the punch of -- bunch of young kid could hang with the spurs. neither have won consecutive games. mark jackson is one proud coach. >> great place to be. great story. incredible blessing. i look at my guys obviously. job they have done. great to see them getting recognition. unbelievable to realize we ar
9:57 pm
still playing basketball and we are in vl best of 3 against san antonio spurs. >> i think coach jackson done a good job especially from the beginning of the year. giving that you say belief that we are a good team. even before we done anything, up believable work we put in that we would be able to do this. >> go to the east. bolt and heat game 4 in the windy city. lebron continues to dominate. watch him throw this down. 27 points. 7 board. 8 assist. heat up 11 at the break. then in the third. james. dishing it to wade. easy finish. battling knee injuries only 6 poychlts bad somewhating night for the bull. 26 percent from the field. robinson missed all 12 shot. nip points in the third quarter and win easily 8 88-65 taking a 3-1 lead in the series. mean while grizzly game 4 kevin 5 points in the final 18 minutes of the game. and ties it with 94 with 6
9:58 pm
seconds remaining. had 27 we head to over time. then to o t. marcus nothing but net. he had 23 grizzly win 103-97 take a 3-1 series lead. >> all right shark eager to get back to work after beating canuck. back on the ice tomorrow against the los angeles kings. only second time in franchise history the 2 met in the play offs. last time in 2011 where the shark beat the king thanks to over time goal in game 6 by thornto thornton. the season all about home ice advantage with the home team winning all 4 games. the 2 split the regular season series 2 and 2. >> they had a different feeling to it. guys excited anxious to get going. >> play hard simple game and competitive the. >> that's one of the things what we are trying to accomplish. >> they are the champ so we have to go did you know and win some games.
9:59 pm
>> nothing down and sweep. just compete hard from game 1 on and see if we can win. >>reporter: all right to the east. game 7. bruins maple leaf boston trails with one minute left if the game. scored 3 straight including 2 goal in the final minute. ties it one 50 seconds left to over time with bruins complete the come back. who else. bergeron second goal of the game. bruins moving on to the semifinal with a 5-4 victory. game 7. aaron gets rangers on the board first. rival and 1 nothing new york. then in the second period. taylor finds loose puck slams it home. rangers win 5 nothing. face the bruins in the eastern conference semifinal. >> good stuff is that all the way around. >> thanks very much. that's this edition of 7 news at 9:00 on coffee tv 20 for for mike spencer larry all of us thanks for watching we us thanks for watching we appreciate your
10:00 pm
mac: 6:58, 6:59, seven minutes. keep going, buddy. frank, are you seeing this? i'm working on the chicken parts situation here. forget the chicken parts. charlie is about to shatter the world record for holding his breath. we are going to be world famous after this. - charlie, how you doing? - i got to breathe. no, charlie, don't breathe. the buns are going to burn.


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